Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Ta Da List

Previous lists can be found here: 2008 2007 2006
In 2009 I:
  • Finally got married
  • Visited Ireland, specifically Dublin, for the first time
  • Got a promotion at work
  • Saw the All Blacks play France
  • Met John Campbell
  • Saw Kings of Leon live in Wellington
  • Saw Billy Connelly again (the 1st time was 2005 in Glasgow)
  • Decorated the lounge and dining room
  • Planned the wedding
  • Visited friends and family in the UK
  • Ate Rossi’s ice-cream at Southend seafront
  • Conquered all the scary rides at Chessington World of Adventures
  • Finally got engagement photos taken
  • Got a spray tan (without looking orange)
  • Grew my hair the longest it’s ever been
  • Visited Huka Falls and Craters of the Moon
  • Found a scrummy pancake recipe (thanks Delia)
  • Learnt to Crochet (Thanks Laura! I still need heaps of practice though)
  • Bought and used a bread-maker
  • Discovered Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker
  • Took lots of photos from planes
  • Baked muffins, cakes, biscuits and savouries that tasted good
  • Kept a holiday journal
  • Had my photo taken with a bagpiper (and Graeme’s 2 cousins!)
  • Went through the Clyde Tunnel holding my breath the whole way
  • Visited the Guinness Storehouse and had a diet coke in the Gravity Bar
  • Learnt Something New every day in September and scrapped it
  • Bought the prettiest, sparkliest shoes that receive attention wherever they go
  • Visited Kelly and Michael and went to Hamilton Zoo
  • Assisted at my first ever Kiwi Sausage Sizzle
  • Removed all the sequins from my wedding dress so it could be dry-cleaned (thanks Mum. Now I just need to find someone to sew them back on!)
  • Completed 22 of my 27 things to do aged 27 list and wrote my 28 @ 28 list
  • Took 3814 photos (a bit more than that actually because I deleted the really blurry ones as I went along)

And it was taking all those photos that helped me write this list! Without going through my monthly photos I would never have managed to get this list as long as it is. So there you have it.

Bring on 2010 and all the Ta Da's that will come with it :-)


Kate Hardy said...

Great list, Katie - well done, you! (And lovely pic at the end, too.)

Happy new year!

Kate said...

Thanks Kate! Happy New Year :)