Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Post No. 73 - Holy Moly! Look at the size of this beast

Okay so the regular readers amongst you may have heard me mention weta's before. Ugly beasties that apparently can do you no harm. Look like giant cockroach scorpian demons.
Are you with me yet?
If not have a look at this....this was waiting for me when I stepped out of the bedroom to go into the bathroom this morning...

Eeeeek! Well I ran back in the bedroom and executed a dive that would have won me medals to get me back on the bed and my feet safely off the floor (you know - in case it chased me!).

Luckily I had a gallant Scotsman to help me out. He trapped the beastie in a pot so I could get ready for work knowing it wasn't free to nibble on my toes (I have the heebee geebee shivers as I type those ones you get when you see tarantulas on the telly). And then he did the ole sliding the paper under the pot and taking Mr Weta out for a nice trip in the garden trick.
Of course, I was a little miffed that he endangered the safety of my toes by lifting the lid on the pot, placing the ruler beside evil demon creature and taking picture.

See what we suffer to give you people entertainment!

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