Friday, September 09, 2005

Post No. 64 - Fly By Post

A Hill near Manawatu Gorge! And thats the train track running through/over it!

So we got you all excited last week with so many posts, so much news and a few surprise posts from Mr G. And then this week - we just let you all down! Sorry peeps!

Been a hectic week. We have been sleep deprived due to a certain rodent who I have been referring to (in my head) as Elvis. Well folks, Elvis has now left the building
(I apologise for my bad bad humour!). And he went in a trap I am afraid to say. I have been having very guilty thoughts about this.

But we did give him a choice - one trap and 5 buckets (all situated next to places he could climb and get in for the bait). The buckets and trap all contained the same bait - peanut butter on bread! He made his choice.

As well as that I have started my writing course this week so have been busy with that. I am enjoying it very much so far. I love a challenge, me!
We have also been investigating the visa situation and trying to work out what forms need filled in, when and how much the whole thing costs! Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Thanks to everyone that has responded to our giveaway so far. We really appreciate the feedback. For those of you who haven't entered please have a quick read of Post 59 and give us some answers to be in with a chance of winning. Closing date is Monday 12 September at 9pm NZ time (thats 10am UK). Good Luck!

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Jill said...

Glad Elvis has "left" the building!