Sunday, September 18, 2005

Post No. 69 - Handbags and Trampettes

Yes people, you really are reading that title correctly! Today we went on a little shopping spree and I am extremely happy with the results!


First off we headed to Whitcoulls and got some NZ writing paper/note paper so next time I send stuff to people I have some authentic NZ merchandise to write a note on!

Next was Strand Bags where I purchased a new bag for work. As I wandered over to the checkout I spyed an amazing box set of a purse/wallet, coin purse and key ring - in a beautiful plum purple colour...yum! Graeme reminded me that I had a lovely purse already, still fairly new, one I bought when we arrived in Auckland (at Auckland Zoo to be precise, and no, it doesn't have a picture of a monkey on it!) but I was taken with this purple set. And my current purse is too small for notes (cash) and all my cards (library membership card, VideoEzy membership card etc...please don't get the wrong idea and think I have a purse full of credit cards!) don't fit. Plus the car key is too bulky to go on the keyring with my other keys so I really needed a new key-ring for that. I had persuaded myself...Graeme was still looking dubious but resigned! SO here they are people, my new bag and my new wallet, purse and keyring set.

Okay - then we went in a trillion more shops and looked at loads of stuff! I got some tops for work (the exact same top in 2 different colours!), a tall clear glass vase (for the shells I collected at the beach last weekend), a new terracotta pot (for the pansies we had left from planting the other pots we bought - pictures coming soon of our new multi-coloured balcony!) and finally a trampette - woo hoo!
I can't exactly get a normal size trampoline as the garden isn't big enough and there isn't enough head-clearance to put it in the spare room! So a trampette it is....

Now if only I can think of a way to post to the blog while bouncing...?!

Okay - so I know a lot of you want to see more pictures on here but I'm figuring you wern't expecting pictures of my (sorry I meant 'our'!) purchases....the way I see it is - I am giving you an insight into the NZ shops and what they have to there you go!

Maybe if you are lucky you will get some pictures of New Zealand next post...we will see!

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Danica said...

Congrats on the shopping!