Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Post No. 67 - Drumroll Please....

And the winners of our amazing contest are....

First out the hat (or should that be first name on a folded up post-it picked by Graeme out of Kate's cupped hands!) was Michelle.

Second was Yogi

And third was Anne

Please email us your preferences to prizes in number order....i.e. 1st choice - all black beanie bear, 2nd choice - ?, 3rd choice - ? (Michelle being 1st chosen gets first choice!)

Thanks to the others that entered (and yes, we did have more than 3 entries) we really appreciate you all taking the time to let us know what you think of the blog. Yogi, in particular, had some interesting ideas for future features so watch this space!

And for those that didn't win - here is a picture for you!

Another one from the beach taken yesterday


Claire said...

Is that the new bookcase then?

claire said...

I'm a mong... I meant to reply to the post below

Danica said...

Nice picture. :) Congrats to the winners~!

Kate said...

Hi Claire - yes it is the new bookcase! I was wondering if anyone would notice my sneaky way of getting a picture of it on here!
Hi Danica - Glad you like the picture - I promise there will be lots more!