Monday, September 12, 2005

Post No. 66 - Incentives

An incentive for those of you who haven't yet entered our amazing contest! Here is a picture of the prizes (my terrible photography skills just don't do the prizes justice!)

You could win
a) an All-Blacks beanie bear
b) a Memo pad with pen
c) a pukeko bird keyring

Some wonderful NZ merchandise! So if you haven't entered yet - get yourselves along to Post No. 59 to find out the questions you need to answer to be in with a chance of winning! Closing date, as previously stated, is Monday 12 September at 9pm NZ time. To work out what time it will be wherever you are in the world then click here.

So onto other matters, we went on a mini-tour of the local beaches today. Okay, so we only went to 2! Foxton beach and Himitangi beach. The beaches are very different here compared to the UK. For starters - considering it is only the start of Spring it was very warm. Also dogs, cars and horses are allowed on the beach. You definetly see some interesting sights!

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours. Its pretty amazing to stand on the edge of the water and just see water for miles. I think the next piece of land is probably Australia. Wow! And I think I have managed to catch the sun - soon my freckles will merge and I will become one giant freckle....freaky! Speaking of freaky, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. We enjoyed it, Johnny Depp was great. Definetly just as weird as the first version though, if not more!

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Danica said...

The beach sounds great!