Sunday, September 11, 2005

Post No. 65 - Saturdays

Wallabies - aren't they the cutest! We got to hand-feed them!

I love Saturdays. I love that feeling you get when you wake up early and realise you don't have to get up to go to work. So you get to snuggle back in for more sleep! Its great! Of course the problem arises when I wake up on Wednesday thinking its Saturday and then do the same thing on Thursday and Friday. So come Saturday I really do deserve the lay-in!

And then I got up and we had waffles, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast - how healthy is that?! Then I sat and read a book- until I finshed it! Wonderful! It was an assignment for my writing course. Okay so I didn't have to read the whole thing before I commented on it but I figured my comments would be fairer if I had read the whole book!

And then we took a drive into The Square so Mr G could get his hair cut - looks delish! And then we had cakes and juice in the library cafe. So far a wonderful Saturday!

Last night we dolled ourselves up (who am I kidding - I brushed my hair and Graeme changed his t-shirt - the extent of our dolling up!) and went off the cinema to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...I was looking forward to it....we got in the queue for tickets and when we got to the front and asked for 2 adult tickets we were told it was sold out! How disappointed was I?! Okay so I am not expecting Johnny Depp to be in anyway sexy in this role but I was looking forward to it none-the-less. I even watched the original version last Saturday when it was on in preparedness (is that a word...if it is I am sure the Scouts and Guides must use it!). So we ended up buying tickets for tonights showing and are going to head out after tea.

Oh and I forgot - we also bought a bookcase today! How exciting! Okay not so much exciting for you lot but the prospect of Graeme being able to walk through our house without tripping over 1 of my many books (yeah terrible I know, been here like 2 months and already have more books than I have time to read!) has him eagerly ripping open the box, finding his hammer and getting building! Maybe I will take a picture of it for you all to see!

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