Friday, July 01, 2005

Post No. 26 - Leaving Auckland...Onwards and Upwards

Hi Peeps!

We leave Auckland today to head up to our tour of Northland. Looking forward to it! We have thouroughly enjoyed Auckland and will definetly be spending more time here in the future.

Over the last few days it has been a bit hectic hence the lack of posts! Now what do I need to tell you about?

On Wednesday we went to Auckland Zoo which was fab. We got the bus out there and spent the afternoon there. We saw lots of cool animals - mostly the same as the zoos in the UK although we did get the special pleasure of seeing some real live kiwi birds! Because they are nocturnal you go into a dark hut thing to see them and its quite difficult to watch them but we did catch site of them foraging in the undergrowth! One of the best bits at the zoo was when we went into the cafe for lunch and there was a chicken just scratching about in the cafe....fabulous!

Yesterday (Thursday) we got on the Auckland Explorer tour bus and made our way around Auckland. We got off the stop at Auckland Museum. There we met some real-life Maori's who put on a display for the public, they sang songs, told us stories and showed us their weapons! It was great and yes we did get our photo taken with them! They performed the hakka and I have to say when it is you they are staring at with their tongues hanging out it is pretty scary....starting to feel sorry for the Lions!

So sorry we haven't managed to get any photos up for you yet....hope to have this remedied as soon as possible. The internet cafes are fairly strict as to what you can and can't do but I am sure we will come across one more relaxed on our travels. I have some photos at the ready on a CD in my bag for when we do get the chance!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been leaving comments and sending us emails - it is so great to hear from you all! And if we are a little slow in replying to you,'s difficult to reply to everyone in an hour but we will keep trying!

Well should be updating you all again soon on our travels to Northland! In the meantime - keep smiling!

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