Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Post No. 28 - Northland - Whangarei

Let me think where we are....have I told you anything about Northland yet? We posted pictures from an internet cafe in Whangarei (pronounced Funga-ray apparently but those of you who know me well enough will know that pronounciation isn't a strong point of mine...I am in my element here!) but I don't think I told you anything about what we have been up to.

Here goes...we left Auckland on Friday lunchtime and got the coach up to Funga-Ray, arrived at the coach stop after an amazing journey up - it really does look like hobbits should be just strolling around! We were staying at the Bunkdown Lodge and the owner, Peter, kindly picked us up from the station. Now my main reason for liking the Bunkdown Lodge was the 2 beautiful dogs! It was a cozy place and we chatted to other travellers there.

On Saturday we caught the local bus up to Tikipunga and walked along to Whangarei Falls which were beautiful....yes we did get pictures and yes you will get to see them one of these days! From the falls we walked through the park alongside the river and into the town of Whangarei (about an hour and a half walk). Now I am almost ashamed to admit this but we had Pizza Hut for lunch! Its weird how theres like a McDonalds and Subway absolutely everywhere you go! We self catered in the evening to try and save some money and left Whangarei on the coach on Sunday headed for Kaitaia.....to be continued.....

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