Friday, July 15, 2005

Post No 34 - Home Sweet Home

And how are you all today boys and girls?
The good luck is spreading as we had confirmation this morning that we should have a place to live when we get back to Palmerston. We went to see it on Wednesday morning and its bright and lovely.
It's a 2 bedroom house with a balcony, a wee garden, a laundry room and a carport. Will suit us very well for now. The rent is a great price and its furnished as well which means we don't need to fork out for furniture any time soon.
So it's just me dragging my heels now...I mean, Graeme has a job (like the 2nd day we are in Palmy!)we have a house....what have I done? Held a penguin! Hoping to have some news about some work in the next week or so.
Managed to get some photos upoaded onto our Kodak Gallery today so if you didn't recieve an invite to view them and would like to, just drop us an email or comment and we will get an invite to you.


Winkle said...

i before e, except after c

Kate said...

aye, v.good
could do with your eagle eye when I am posting as a few typos get thru in every post.
I could go back and edit them but I think they make it more quirky!
Nice name by the way...