Saturday, July 30, 2005

Post No. 39 - All by myself

...don't wanna be....all by myself. Okay, I will stop - those that have heard my singing will be covering their ears in case the horrific noise travels the oceans and meets their ears! Plus I am in Cyber-space at the Library and I am pretty sure the people hear don't wanna hear me sing!

I have just uploaded more photos to the Kodak Gallery so if you fancy having a look, drop us an email and we will send you an invite to view the album.

In the meantime, while I have an afternoon of free time stretching before me and the photos on a CD I am going to attempt to post some on here - eeek!

So here is a picture of our new place:

Okay the preview looks good so I will go on! This is Whangerei Falls:

And here is Whakatane:

Us with a Maori at Auckland Museum:

And finally.....a geyser

Gosh, how proud of myself am I?! Of course, when I go to post something will probably go wrong....we will see!

On the news front, I have been for a temp induction with the agency and it looks like they have found something for me. There is a slight hold-up as the person that normally fills in all the paperwork for temps onsite is off but fingers crossed I will be starting work soon! This weekend we plan to start looking at cars....eeek! Secondhand cars seem awfy expensive here but you really do need one. Graeme is enjoying his new job and the house is still great.

Hopefully Graeme will be back online this weekend so if you have sent him an email and he hasn't yet replied you might hear from him over the weekend!

Hope you are all doing okay and have a great weekend!


Kenny said...

Lovely new home. Nice view.

Anonymous said...