Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Post No. 38 - All on my lonesome

Well the time has come! Graeme started work today. It was a very early start for us! 7am the alarm went off - eek! Graeme set off about 8.10am to walk to his new office (about 10 or 15 minutes walk) to be there in time for 8.30am. I have not heard from him yet and he didn't come home yet so I am assuming all is going well!

And so here I am, all by myself! It feels quite strange when we have been in each others pockets practically 24/7 for about 5 weeks now! So I was up and dressed when he left and although I did have a small longing to crawl back in bed I got busy! Did some washing, some tidying, (no unpacking yet!) and then curled up on the couch with the new Harry Potter - was already about halfway through and managed to finish it before lunch. Enjoyed it, was disappointed with number 5 but number 6 is back on track and I look forward to number 7!

Made myself some lunch and then strolled into town where I am in the cyber-room at the library just now. The library is amazing - a beautiful light building with loads and loads of books (well, obviously!) but the bonus is there are loads I want to read so I am impressed with the libraray! And now Harry Potter is completed I can get some books out (I am allowed 20 at once!). Perhaps I should check in here to see if they need any staff as this would surely be one of my dream jobs!

I think I planned to tell you about the rest of our weekend....I will make it short. We shopped and shopped and shopped until we dropped! Now have pretty much everything we need for the house and a few luxuries like candle holders as well (although I have heard a few people talk about powercuts so they may turn out to be more of a necessity!)

I've actually been driving....scary thought huh?! And still have no idea of what direction I should be going in at any time. The one time I went out in the car myself I got a little lost but the great thing about Palmerston North is that it is built in a grid around The Square so as long as I can always find my way back to the Sqaure I shouldn't get too lost! Came to town on foot today as I didn't have any change for the parking but I will venture out again in the car later on in the week and see if I can find my way home again!

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