Thursday, July 14, 2005

Post No. 33 - Little Blue Penguins

We are in Napier at the moment. Got all excited when we found out the internet was free here hoping we could upload some pictures and files etc but the computer only has a floppy drive! Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

We arrived here about 1.15pm and checked into the hostel - I love the horsey theme and there is some great artwork on the walls! Then we headed down to Marineland just in time to see the 2pm show. The seal and dolphins were fabulous, bit too quick to get any pics though! After the show I got my picture taken with Stella - who is a little blue penguin (and I am pretty sure thats the proper name not just one I made up!) Its a printed digital image so maybe one day I will be able to get it scanned in so you can see it!

After Marineland we walked through some of Napier and had a hearty lunch in an Irish pub before heading back to the hostel where we watched Bad Santa - a pretty funny film although its definetly not for kids!

And probably the most important thing to announe today is that Graeme has had a job offer....isn't he fabulous! So Graeme got a job and my accomplishment today was holding a little penguin - yay! We will keep you posted on the job and house developments as fingers crossed we may have found somewhere to live as well!


Sarah said...

Are you impersonating me Lou?

Kate said...

what one was Lou? I missed that!