Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Post No. 29 - Northland - Kaitaia and Paihia

We arrived in Kaitaia around 3pm on Sunday, the coach driver (he was cool - he was singing along to the easy listening radio station all the way from Paihia!) dropped us at the driveway of our hostel. Now, we wern't keen on Kaitaia - the weather wasn't great (but the weather isn't that great here in Piahia but we still love it!) and the place was a little run down. The hostel was nice enough but in no way could it be described as cosy! I have decided that cosy suits me fine! Large and sterile does nothing for me at all.

We went for a stroll up the main road and went to Pak'n'Save for some groceries. We then headed back to the hostel and spent most of the evening in our room although we went up to the kitchen for some dinner. It just didn't seem as sociable there. But we are glad we went so we know not to go back!

Although I think we may come up to Northland again to see Cape Reinga - the northernly most point of NZ and we passed Doubtless Bay on the coach which looks amazing.

And today we took the coach from Kaitaia and back to Paihia (same coach driver as yesterday but not singing as much!) where we stopped for some lunch on the way up the road!

We are staying in a hostel called the Mousetrap which is a lovely place. We are back to cosy so I am happy! We like it so much we have amended the itinerary and will be staying for another night! Tomorrow, weather dependent, we hope to go out on a boat-trip or take the ferry across to Russell which is across the water.

The weather is pretty nasty - very windy and quite wet but we still like it! Had an amazing lunch...a lamb and kumara pie (kumara is like a sweet potato apparently) it was delish and I was chuffed cos I got some Mint Sauce to go with it!

So we head back to Auckland on Wednesday, if you don't hear from us by then we will probably be online again on Thursday at some point!

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