Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Post no 36 - Not much to report

The only news we have is that Graeme has a start date for his new job - he starts next Tuesday and is looking forward to rolling up his sleeves and getting on with it!

Now don't all shout abuse at once and I hardly dare say it but we are both getting bored of being on holiday! Don't get me wrong, we are loving NZ but due to the season its increasingly difficult to do the stuff we want (like horse-trekking, quad biking and going out on boats!). We are both looking forward to Friday when we get back to Palmy and start getting stuff done! And as the weather starts to brighten hopefully we can go off on some more adventures! Of course, before winter ends we do have one thing we both want to do - go and learn to Snowboard!

You would think after all the hectic-ness before we came and the year of planning and getting the flat sold etc we would be glad of the break but we don't like being idle! Just need to decide on the next project now! I'm thinking talking Graeme into getting me a dog or finding a house to buy!

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