Friday, July 08, 2005

Post No 30 - Auckland Again!

Post number thirty already - wow! Bet you are really fed up with this by now aren't you? Especially with the lack of photos! Unfortunately we won't be able to do anything about that for a while but once we have somewhere to live we will get some stuff up here and on the website for you!

So the weather has been pretty awful this last wee while. It could get depressing but we are refusing to let it! Mind you we seem to be spending a lot of time asleep at the mo!

We decided to hire a car to get from Auckland to Palmy...will take a bit of pressure off our backs carrying those heavy bags! So we pick up the car in the morning and are hoping to make it all the way to New Plymouth (about 6/7 hour drive apparently) by the evening. We decided to skip Hamilton althogether! It looks like theres not that much there and the hostel there has a bad rating.

Will probably spend 2 nights in New Plymouth, then its a 2/3 hour drive onwards to Wanganui where we will spend a night (might end up living there as there are a few accountants job that way!) then another 1/2 hours onto Palmy.

Whistle-stop in Palmy where we will meet with the recruitment agents, see what sort of rental properties are about etc before heading off on another adventure 2 days later!

As much as I enjoying the touring and looking about I look forward to having my own bed that I know is comfy to fall into each night. And a shower that I know is warm and works properly! And big fluffy towels! The travellers micofibre towels are great for dryng quickly and not taking up much room but it is like drying yourself with a shamy leather - yeouch! And I know thats not how you spell shamy! Please comment and tell me how it should be spelt!

So what are all you up to? Any gossip we should know about?
We know that:
* Richard Whitely and Luther Vandross have passed to the other side
* London got the Olympics
but thats about what else?

Post again soon! K and G


Kenny said...

Hello, two adventures,
We enjoy reading your excellent writing which can probably sum up a travel guidebook. Do you know all blogger from this weblink is banned in mainland China. I can't access your blogger when I travel in China. anyway, keep post and enjoy your dream bed.

Kate said...

Maybe we should write a travelbook? Mind you, would need someone to check all the typos and spelling errors before it got published!
Hope you are well!
K and G