Monday, July 25, 2005

Post No. 37 - Woohoo - no longer homeless!

Been a few days since we were online, apologoes if you have been eagerly awaiting a new post and have had to keep checking back!

We got back to Palmy on Friday lunch-time. Got a carhire place to pick us up and got a Ford Festiva for a couple of weeks. The name of the car hire place is Rent-A-Dent - I kid you not, you can check it out here!

Once we had the car and checked in at the motel it was a mad afternoon indeed! We signed our tenancy agreement for the new place (and picked up the keys - yay!), Graeme signed his job offer and confirmed he was starting on Tuesday. We had to sort some stuff out at the bank, we collected the rest of the luggage from where it was being stored. Finally, we got to go to our new home and check it was really as good as we thought the first time! And yes it is!

We had arranged for phone and electricity to be on Friday which they were and then we headed to Countdown - a supermarket close by to stock up the cupboards, fridge freezer etc! Spent a ridiculous amount of money - it sounds such a lot in dollars but see when you compare it to the pound, we got an awful lot for our money!

Headed back to the motel for an early night in preperation for all the shopping/unpacking/sorting out that laid ahead of us!

Up early (for us!) on Saturday, checked out, took more luggage to the flat, basked in the sun streaming through the windows for a little while and then headed out to the shops. Enter The Warehouse, a fabulous shop where you can get all sorts of stuff really cheap! Bought bedding, hairdryer (no more using that crappy travel one and the chamy leather towels to dry my hair!), radio alarm clock (v.important for Tuesday when Graeme starts work!), and tons of other stuff. Didn't have any nice towels in colours I liked at the Warehouse so we headed to Briscoes where they had a sale and got some lovely fluffy towels! Also got an umbrella each as we don't seem to have escaped the rain since we got here!

Car was pretty full at this point so had to head home for an unload and some unpacking. And then later on we headed back out...went in to Dick Smith Electronics after some shopping around with the anticipation of buying a TV, DVD player, new mobile (so we have one each) and home phone (a cordless so I can sit on the balcony whilst making some calls!!!!) Of course, there is a slight problem with the telly so we have had to reserve one and hopefully should have it next weekend (please keep your fingers crossed!) and the home phone that we want was out of stock! But we have got a new mobile and a DVD player! The man that served us suggested playing a film we know quite well in the player and guessing what was happening according to the time running!

So thats pretty much Friday and Saturday sewn up for you. Will hopefully be back tomorrow or Tuesday with another update!

Have taken some pictures of the new place - will try and get them on the Kodak Gallery this week. Also about to send an email around with our new contact details - if I accidently miss you out and you want them just give us a shout!

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