Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Post No. 32 - Palmy and beyond

So my last post was from New Plymouth was was lovely! We stayed there 2 nights. On the full day in between we took oursleves to the Sugar Loaf Islands Marine Park, no boats were running because it was too choppy but we had a lovely view from the beach....250 steps back up to the car though! We hope to go back soon and go out on a boat to see the seals!

From New Plymouth we headed to Wanganui (wanga-newy)which is on a river. This was also nice, quite old fashioned but lovely. Here we went up the Durie Hill Elevator....they've dug a tunnel 200m into the side of a hill then put an elevator shaft 70m upwards to the top of the hill...wacky! We got some pictures from the top and one of the tunnel so they will be available for viewing in the distant future! We also went to the cinema in Wanganui to see Madagascar which was hilarious! Loving the subtle and not-so-subtle takes on other movies! And the King of the Lemurs was just great! Also....gosh aren't there a lot of also's! We went for a lovely dinner before hitting the hay. Lamb Shanks and Tiramisu....but not in the same course! Hmmmm, delish!

So now we are here, Palmerston North. And we like it! We have been spending most of our time looking about! We have looked/researched renting homes, buying homes, renting furniture and white goods! We met with Vickie from Recruitment Plus who has been so helpful - she set up some meetings with potential employers for Graeme and put me in touch with someone else who should be able to get me some temp work. She has shown us some sights and driven us round to see some rental properties. What a great service!

So tomorrow we head off on our travels again but we look forward to returning and getting settled! And maybe buying a barbeque....and eventually getting a dog!


Bathit Daily said...

Pictures...I want pictures!!!

Kate said...

Is that Lou?
Who are you?
You will just need to be patient!