Monday, August 01, 2005

Post No 40 - Rainy Days and Mondays

Well today is Monday and its very rainy! The rain was so heavy it actually kept us awake last night. Of course...the roof is metal (I think) so all raindrops land in stereo!

As I now seem to be able to upload photos without too mich hassle I will try to remember to post a few each week, a random selection. I will try to remember a description with each one! So as its Monday and I am back to being a lonely housewife (or should that be lonely house-fiancee?) I decided on this one for today....

This is the view from our balcony - you see that tall blue-glass building in the background (between the balcony and trees) - thats is Graeme's office building! You can also see the building from windows in the main and spare bedroom. He walks to work each morning and it takes less then 10 minutes!

We have arranged to get broadband connected at home so shortly will be a lot more 'available' for emailing, chats etc. Hoping to be online by Friday.

Other than that its pretty quiet around here. Still haven't got a tv, we put one on order last weekend and still don't know when we will be able to get it. I mean, its not like we can't live without telly but I feel my video-ezy memebership is going to waste here!

Went to look at cars yesterday....Holden (the Oz manafacturer) buy in the Vauxhall/Opels from Europe and put their own badge on them....anyone have any comments about Astras?


Kenny said...

So beautiful balcony, you have. put a table there and sit to enjoy a cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

hertfordshire heaps = vauxhall!
cheap runarounds but always have been prone to rust, they use a cheaper steel, the quality of the steel is inferior, G too check sill's & suspension mounts.(take a magnet).............. mechanicals reliable & abundant in blighty. do holden stock the british parts or do they order when needed? should be cheap steed though all round.

Anonymous said...

hope info above is usefull...
can g take a torch too work?
you could practice your light signals... FLASH,! FLASH FLASH!
phone bill costs could be greatly m s s s &?