Friday, August 05, 2005

Post No. 42 - Developments

1) As of last night we now have broadband in the house so at least one of us will
probably be online everyday.
2) I have heard from the recruitment agent and will be starting work on Monday, have
an appointment today to find out a bit more so should be able to tell you more
3) Hoping to buy a car over the weekend so I can drive to work rather then take the
4) Still no tv - and to think I could be rewatching Desperate Housewives as they are
just showing the first series here.

What else? Let me think....the sun has been splitting the sky these last 2 days. Thats great when you are in the sun but as soon as you hit some shade or it gets dark it is really really cold! We thought we might be getting away from that whole 4 seasons in 1 day thing when we left Scotland but it seems to have moved up to a whole other level!

I have been averaging reading 1 book a day since Graeme started work - now the world is full of books and I still have quite a few left to read, however, any reading recommendations would be gratefully received!
I have been reading loads of vampire and ghost stuff and am really starting to spook myself out. There are loads of weird noises as its a new place to live and I keep jumping and shouting "Who's there?"! Yep - those neighbours really adore me! Think I will have go back to some straight RomCom without a hint of anything supernatural!

And the thing that is giving me a good giggle with the library books is that someone who seems to have similar reading tastes to mine (as I have found this in at least 3 books now) has taken it upon themselves to correct any spelling or grammatical errors in the library book! They put crosses through words and write the correct spelling in the margin! I don't even do that to my own books let alone ones owned by other people! The thing is once they have pointed something out you can't help but notice any other mistakes that pop up. God help me if they ever stumble across this blog and my terribel typos!

Now for todays photo...some big fluffy baby penguins at Kelly Tarltons in Auckland...

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