Sunday, August 14, 2005

Post No. 48 - People who own porsches shouldn't....

Finally got some pictures of the car and have uploaded them onto the Gallery. The usual suspects should have recieved an invite to view them. If you haven't got an invite and fancy being nosy just drop us an email. (I am too lazy to add a mailto link here so you will need to look us up!)

Here is a taster -

See that burgandy car behind ours? Thats a porsche....if you squint and stare hard enough you will see something that your eyes won't believe. The car seats have zebra skin covers. Now just don't get me started on how wrong that is! Its not a particularly nice porsche but it would look a darn sight nicer without the tacky adornments.

Okay - thats my rant over! Now I get to gloat over how nice our car is! Its gorgeous! The place I work is away out of town (less then a 10 minute drive though!) and once I head across the bridge the speed limit goes up to 70k (okay, still not as fast as I would like!) - its amazing, so quiet and it accelerates so fast that I have to be pretty careful to keep an eye on my speedometer!

We have a distinct lack of CDs here in NZ. All the CDs we wanted kept are at Dads house and we have only bought a couple since we arrived:
- A CD of Monty Pythons Life of Brian - absolutely hilarious so no good for driving!
- Acoustic Chillout - I was expecting great things here but its just someone playing a keyboard badly....all the songs sound the same and Graeme was begging me to turn it off as soon as he realised it was 'elevator music'!
- Finally I bought The Pretenders Greatest Hits - 'tis okay but having had that in the car since Wednesday I am now ready for something different.

Tonight I plan to let myself loose with the Music file on this laptop - it pretty much contains a copy of every album me and Graeme have ever owned (and a few we haven't!). I used to love making Mixed tapes as a teenager so this should be fun!

Does anyone have any songs suggestions for the first of my many driving mix CDs?

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