Saturday, August 13, 2005

Post No. 47 - Apologies for the interruption to service

Sugar Loaf Island Marine Park, New Plymouth

Its been a hectic week between both of us working full-time, playing netball, attending tuppaware parties and picking up our new car. Tonight is the first night where we don't have anything on!

Haven't had a chance to get pictures of the car yet as its always dark by the time we have a spare minute but will hopefully be able to get some pictures up over the weekend. The car is gorgeous - I love it! I've been using it to drive to work and its so quiet - I have to keep checking I haven't stalled it! Graeme has reserved the driving at weekends spots so he gets to drive it as well as me - only fair I suppose! Although he says he will let me drive when we go to new places occassionally so I can get used to the bigger roads and state highways (scary scary places!)

The netball was certainly an experience - the other people playing (in our team and the opposition) were obviously very experienced and extremely fast! I had a lot of trouble getting the rules as they play it differently to the way I was taught but it was fun. I may play again in the future - we will see! Graeme has already played again as they were a player short on Wednesady night!

The Tuppaware party was also a new experience - a good one! There was a cooking demonstration using the equipment and the recipe was chocolate fudge muffins - wow - they were delicious! If Graeme is lucky perhaps I will try to make them at the weekend (although I don't have all the superdooper Tuppaware cooking stuff so they probably won't be as nice - thats my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

Work is going well (I think!), its something completely different to anything I have done before so requires a lot of concentration so I am really tired! The people are all friendly and willing to answer my endless questions. I will have to wait till I know a bit more before I can decide whether it is for me or not though.

We are hoping to get out an about at the weekend in the car to see some more of the local scenery - will hopefully have some new photos for the blog/kodak gallery next week.

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