Monday, August 22, 2005

Post No. 54 - Beautiful

Manawatu River

We finally got out to see some of the scenery. Headed out to the Victoria Esplanade Park. It was lovely. We went a little off the main path and came across the river. If you squint at the picture you will see a bridge. Everyday I drive over that bridge to get to work!

The weather was great today and everyone here in Palmy obviously agreed with us as the park was packed. They have aviaries down at the park with loads of different kinds of parrots. Had a lovely late lunch in the Cafe Esplanade before coming back home.

Asked Graeme if he would be willing to do a post - he said maybe so keep your eyes peeled.

Best head off just now as its Sunday night and I have a lot of stuff to get sorted for the week ahead.

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend!

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