Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Post No. 55 - What's that noise?

Side note - big wave to anyone who has been directed here from our update email!

On Saturday I was sat reading a book while Graeme played on the xBox (what an exciting life we lead!) when there was this sudden rushing, roaring, banging noise. I asked Graeme to turn the TV down and tried to work out what it was......oh my gosh was this some kind of natural disaster that they keep warning us about over here....the ground didn't seem to be shaking so what could it be? Well we stepped out on the balcony to this view:

to help that image become a little clearer - here's the same view taken during daylight:

See that building being lit up in the 1st picture - thats where Graeme works! Luckily it wasn't a fire. It was an amazing fireworks display going off in the Square. The photos we took just didn't do it justice.

And it was great to look about us and see other people standing outside looking up at the fireworks as well!
The man in the place behind us had pulled a chair out and was sat eating his tea off his lap while he watched the display!


Danica said...

That sounds like fun. We had a friend who lived in a high rise downtown, and one year, for the 4th of July, we went to his balcony to watch all the displays.

Kate said...

The UK never had that many fireworks celebrations - just Guy Fawkes night every year (its always cold and normally raining!). Think if I come to the US I will need to make sure I am there for 4 July. Barbeques and Fireworks on the same night - sounds fab!