Saturday, August 27, 2005

Post No. 57 - Exciting Stuff

Well howdy-doody! You can now download a Word add-on from Blogger so you can create posts in Word and just send those little puppies right out there into Cyberspace…..interesting. I have plans for this, plans involving multi-coloured fonts, mad fonts you cannot read and maybe
  • some

  • strange

  • looking

  • bullet

  • points.

Tell me – is it sad that I find this exciting? It’s like when I go into WHSmiths (or Whitcoulls here) and get all happy about stationery. Graeme always looks at me gravely as I try to choose between the purple hard-backed notepad and the spiral bound paperback one with the picture of puppies on it. I just know that he is thinking about the 50 notepads I already have at home and wondering why on earth I feel I need a new one.

Then of course I need a new fancy pen to go with the new notebook. “Tell Me”, I say to him, “shall I get the purple gel-ink one or this one that has a heart and some fluff on it?” He looks at me more intently probably wondering just how he is going to get me to the mental hospital without me getting wise. I could be wrong, he could be trying to work out the time difference to work out if any pubs will be playing the latest Rangers game. In fact – that’s probably it isn’t it?! That or he is trying to count my freckles.

Anyhow – on to more important things. The Snoopy pyjamas always come in handy when I want to do the snoopy dance, helps get me in the mood. I was certainly snoopy dancing my way around the living room last night when we realised the blog has now had over 1000, yes that’s 1000 hits! Okay so you need to take off at least 250 of those – being me and Graeme having a peek or posting. But that still leaves a lot of people looking at our blog. Reading about us. We might even be famous. Wow!

So in honour of all you fabulous people out there, we are going to have a competition.

Now I read a lot of blogs (some of my favourites are linked down the sidebar over there () and one of the things I really love about blogs is that loads of bloggers give stuff away. Free books are like birthdays and Christmas all rolled into one for me! I love the chance to win something.

So seeing how much I like it, I thought some of you, out there, might get a little excited too! Obviously the prizes will be New Zealand themed (as this is what this blog is supposedly about although I can understand how some of you may not be aware of that!). So I will go out this weekend and round up a prize or two to giveaway.

And think of something suitable you all need to do in order to be in for the chance of winning. Perhaps I will send you all on a quest……hmmm, will get my thinking cap on.



Kate said...

Hmmm, all didn't go as planned. There was supposed to be some multiple colours in there and the bullets were supposed to be little pictures. Ah well, we can't have everything I suppose. I am quite chuffed about the different fonts. What do you think?

Graeme said...

The whole "obsession with stationary" thing appears to be some sort of crazy virus that all women are affliced with. I feel for Graeme, Claire has the same 'problem.' They must brainwash it into you at the same time they take you away to discuss "women's things" and teach you how to do The Slosh.

Oh, I decided to start my own blog too: I Ain't Scared of Lightning. Come have a look!

Suzanne said...

Congrats on the increased traffic! That's interesting about Word and being able to send it righ to the net....