Monday, August 29, 2005

Post No. 59 - GIVEAWAY!


We are pleased to announce our first (and possibly last depending on how well this goes) contest!

To celebrate the fact that we have had over 1000 hits on this blog we have 3 (not 2, not 4 but 3) prizes to give away. The prizes are all New Zealand related, souvenir type gifts and at least one of them is collectable.

To be in with a chance of winning one of the prizes please leave a comment or email us with answers to the following questions (3 questions for 3 prizes!):

  1. How often do you visit this blog? (daily, weekly, this is my first visit etc…)

  2. What features do you like best? – you can choose more than 1. (photos, news, funny stories, links etc…)
And last but not least…
  1. What would you like to see more or less of on here? (Kate’s rambling, Graeme’s sporadic posts, info on NZ insects etc…)

Please – if you are reading this post, take a couple of minutes to give us your answers. It would really help us to know who is reading the blog, how often and why!

Entry is open to everyone including friends, family and people we have never met (and all those people I have won stuff from!). If you just stumbled across this blog and don’t have a clue who we are you are still eligible!
I should probably say something here along the lines of – if you are under 18 years of age please ask permission from a parent/guardian before entering – there, said it!

Winners will be chosen at random by putting all the names in a hat (or other suitable container) and closing our eyes whilst pulling 3 back out!

First out of the hat will be given their choice of prizes, then the second person can choose and so on.

Any question (or answers!) – feel free to comment or email us.

We will see how this is going by Friday and decide when we are going to make the drawing.

IMPORTANT NOTE – If you want a chance of winning, please make sure you leave a name we know you by in your comment so we can add your name to the hat.


tawny_owl said...

Competitions now eh, not sure if Im excited or scared...

Loved the dog blog, no whippets though I see...

Mo. Ment said...

1. Everyday
2. The Recipes

Drew said...

Excuse me! When is the closing date please, as I am away a bit later on and would not like to miss out.
P.S. Will you be publishing a list of the winners in the Telegraph

Kate said...

tawny owl - you should be excited of course - you might win a prize!

Thanks Mo - in regards to No.3 - would you like to see more of that or less than that?

Drew - good question. We will wait until at least next Monday before drawing name. List of winners may be released on the blog if we feel like it!

Andrew said...

1. Most Days

2. The quick, poor, little, furry, trembling, sweet, defenceless baby mouse story

3. More stories about the defenceless, threatened, sweet, little, fluffy, friendly, loving, caring, local mice

Danica said...

1. I try to visit every day, though I've been bad the past week or so. :(
2. I love everything... it's so fun to hear your impressions.
3. I don't think there's anything I don't like or want to see less of

Danica said...

Oh wait, I did think of something. I want more pictures! :)

Kate said...

Hi Danica!
Thanks for the entry. All feedback is gratefully received and will be given due consideration! I'm definetly planning to keep the camera with me on all our jaunts out and about and we will keep posting the photos!