Monday, August 08, 2005

Post No. 45 -

This is the current picture on my desktop:

Graeme thinks its quite weird and thought it strange when I asked him to take this picture. It is the tunnel leading to the Durie Hill Elevator in Wanganui. I think it has come out great! So it currently resides on my desktop (until I get bored of it and find a better one!) and now on here as well!

So tomorrow I start work as a temp. I am surprised I don't feel more nervous. I think it may have to do with the fact that I am desperate to get out and get to work and start meeting people! That or it will all hit me in the morning and I will forget what way to turn when I drive out the driveway!

Last night we saw Joseph at the Regent on Broadway. It was great, very enjoyable. The theatre is beautiful, not quite as grand as the Kings in Glasgow but its hard to believe someone had to save it from demolition! Some highlights from the show were the Pharoah being an Elvis impersonator and a reggae number from one of the brothers!

Today we were shopping again! I can't believe how much time we have spent in shops since we arrived in Palmy - we are definitely ready for a few weekends with a shopping ban (might be easier for Graeme then me!). Should be easy now we have all the necessities! And then we can actually spend some time seeing the local area before we start to venture a bit further!

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I think the picture is cool!