Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Post No. 50 - A little light relief

Post No. 49 is probably the most serious, spiritual (really?) and (dare-I-say) intimate post I will ever publish on this blog. To prove to you all that I haven't gone completely serious on you here is something a little refreshing for you:

Raining Cats and Dogs - Even Graeme had a chuckle over this although he still holds his opinion that all cats are, in fact, evil. (Who knows, maybe this proves it).

And to continue with the dog theme - todays photo shows off the amazing art work of DJ. Yes folks, that really is a drawing of a whippet on the back of my jumper!


Anonymous said...

you should wear your jumper to work, maybe some whippet fanciers..? ;o)

Kate said...

Perhaps I should - wouldn't really fit in with the whole smart, clever career woman outfit thing I have going on though.
I figure if you don't have a clue what your job is then look smart and always carry a pile of papers - voila! people think you are the boss!

so anonymous....got a real name?!